System Concept – AD+
For our decentralized wastewater treatment systems we use anaerobic reactor  technology in combination with aerobic treatment and subsequent polishing modules, selected in accordance of the targeted effluent quality and reuse option(s).

„Core biological treatment“ for reduction of organic pollution TSS, COD and BOD is done by anaerobic degradation (AD), which has the advantage of very small production secondary sludge (cell mass) compared with aerobic biological treatment.  The anaerobic reactors we use for our projects do not require process control and process power, this way the biological treatment step causes very low operation and maintenance demand at stable performance even under difficult conditions.
Since our Anaerobic Reactors achieve high reduction of organic pollution, the subsequent polishing modules  can be designed very efficient and economic, with low O&M demand and footprint.


The decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse systems are suitable for settlements, housing clusters, high rises, resorts and hospitals.