Our services:

  • Engineering design of decentralized wastewater treatment systems:
    – Simplified sewer networks.
    – Waste water treatment plants.
    – Recycling of treated wastewater.
  • Refurbishing of existing malfunction wastewater treatment systems:
    – Plant assessment and working-out of possible measures to improove plant performance.
    – Redesign.
    – Establishing of working drawings and supervision of construction.
    – Plant commisioning.
  • Site visits for technical plant assessment:
    – Wastewater production.
    – Plant performance analysis.
    – Plant structure analysis.
    – Recycling possibilities for treated waster.
  • Global Informations System (GIS) services:
    – Development of suitable GIS structure for projects.
    – Managment of data collection to establishing suitable layer structure.
    – GIS-data processing and build-up of thematic layers.